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French Cotton room & travel spray

French Cotton room & travel spray

$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price

Bury your face in a sundried soft cotton towel straight off the line, breathing in the soothing smell of clean linen. Light and airy, this refreshing scent will make you smile. Scent notes: cotton blossom, lemon, apple, with a touch of jasmine.


Spritz with abandon and refresh your home with this natural spray.

Cultivate an environment of freshness, relaxation and mood-boosting ambiance in your home. Use to freshen each room of your home, as well as your car bedlinens, soft furnishings and pet bedding.


  • Safe for you, safe for the earth

    I care about the health of you, your home environment, and our planet. Silverglow Studio room sprays are non-toxic and made from pure ingredients:

    • Fragrance and essential oils: meet or exceed US standards and are 100% phthalate-free.
    • Dyes: nope
    • The spray bottles and sprayers are refillable and recyclable.

    Glow in good health.

  • Note for use

    For external use only. Before using on fabric, apply to small area to test color fastness.

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