I love nature and I care about your health!

At Silverglow Studio, I am committed to reducing waste and sourcing products that are made responsibly and ethically.


The candles are made from natural soy wax with lead-free and zinc-free cotton wicks, or wooden wicks. The fragrance and essential oils are sourced from suppliers that adhere to the highest safety and purity standards. All this to ensure a healthy and non-toxic candle experience. Don't forget: what you burn, you breathe! It HAS to be safe.


Also, I use only recycled or recyclable packing materials and in many cases, repurposed packing materials to divert bubble wrap and packing peanuts from the landfill. I am inspired by nature and am committed to preserving it!

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When you receive your beautiful Silverglow Studio candle, keep the packing materials so when you finish enjoying your candle, you can return it to us for a discount or free gift with your next purchase. Alternatively, if you love the vessel you can also repurpose it for another use (candy dish, floating blossoms, jewelry, salt cellar).