The Column

10 oz of pure bliss, in your favorite scents
Aphrodite portrait.jpg

Feeling sexy?

This luxurious and sensual scent will quickly become a year-round favorite. A blend of oakmoss, citrus, amber, sage, tonka.


It's playtime

This playful scent is full of anticipation,  so light it up.  A sophisticated blend of warm, creamy leather, amber and sandalwood.



Rejuvenate yourself with this clean citrusy scent that suggests a cool lakeside breeze. Playful notes of mint, lime, rum, with a hint of pineapple.



Need a bit of pep in your step? Looking for that pre-workout energy boost? This invigorating scent is the perfect eye-opener for those less than energetic moments. 

French Column.jpg

Clean linen

Bury your face in a sundried soft cotton towel straight off the line, breathing in the soothing smell of clean linen. Light and airy, this refreshing scent will make you smile.  


Relax and chill

Curl up in your favorite chair with a good book, a cup of tea, and let the flicker of this candle calm your spirit. This smooth and complex scent is pure relaxation. 

Sea Spray column_edited.jpg

Lively & clean

Standing at the bow of a boat racing across the endless blue ocean with bracing sea spray

your face. Fresh, lively and clean, this scent is a complex balance of airy, salty and earthy notes.


Your getaway

Toes in the sand, drink in the hand. This lush, fresh, tropical, fragrance evokes luxury hotels, waves lapping at the shore and sighs of relaxation - even on a cold, rainy day.

Sweet dreams column_edited.jpg

Time to relax

Creating a nighttime ritual can be helpful to prepare the body and mind for rest. Lavender oil is a popular aromatherapy choice for sleep, headaches, tension and relaxation. 

Don't see your favorite scent? Let me know which one you'd like to see available as The Column.