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Tropical Breeze

Tropical Breeze

$17.00 Regular Price
$13.60Sale Price

Stepping out of your grass hut back into the rainforest after a warm rain, the air is heavy with the lush fragrance of tropical flowers. You take a deep, meditative breath and your whole body relaxes. Scent notes: ylang ylang, jasmine, palm, plumeria, bamboo.

 Available in room and travel sprays.

Upgrade your candle lighting ritual

Get lit with "Light Me Up" matchsticks in a charming glass vial with a cork stopper. Have one at hand beside each of your candles and include one when you send a candle as a gift.

  • Safe for you, safe for the earth

    • Wax: vegan, 100% soy wax.
    • Wicks: lead-free cotton or FSC Certified wood.
    • Fragrance and essential oils: meet or exceed US standards and are 100% phthalate-free.
    • Dyes: nope
    • Packaging: either recyclable or reused.

    Glow in good health.

  • Save on shipping!

    I have researched the most cost-effective shipping rates for you. Rates are calculated by weight, but the rate doesn't double when the weight does - so the more you buy, the lower the shipping rate per candle. For example, shipping one candle costs $7, but shipping two candles costs $10. So treat yourself!

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