My treatise on pumpkin spice

While looking through the Fall Collection, you might have noticed a shocking omission – no pumpkin spice! (what – that’s crazy!)

I have nothing against pumpkin spice. But it is ubiquitous, it is common, it is nothing special. You can buy it, taste it, and smell it everywhere this time of year. I understand why people are drawn to it – it is the commercial harbinger of autumn, the visual and olfactory cue to put away our shorts and pull out our boots.

I prefer to use nature as my cue. I wanted the Fall Collection to deliver all the sensory memories that this season evokes for me. The air swaps humid oppression for crisp freshness; nature’s wardrobe changes from pink and purple to orange and yellow; the smells indoors and out change from sweet florals to more robust spice and wood.

These candles remind me of apple picking, cozying up by the hearth, sipping a hot drink and watching the leaves in their final dance from sky to earth. I hope they bring to mind your own special autumn memories.

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Happy autumn,


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